Who Am I

I love to program. It shows, from my open source community involvement in forums, contributions to open source on GitHub, and through effort with previous employers, revamping their development process »

A Simple Job Queue in PHP

A common type of queue is FIFO - "first in, first out". Everyone knows this queue; lines at a fast food place, products on supermarket shelves, even a vending machine »

Job Queues

First, what is a job queue? It's really simple at its core: Processes called Workers perform Jobs, which are exactly what they sound like. That's it! Workers are separate from »

An Intro to Me

When I was twelve, I received my first laptop as a gift. It was not new, or powerful, or clean. It was mine. The first thing I did, of course »

I want so badly to blog more

Every morning I get up and read HackerNews and want so badly to be one of those rockstar developers, pushing awesome code with a write-up of how it works and »